Motoi Yamamoto

Motoi Yamamoto is a Japanese artist born in 1966 in Hiroshima. During his youth he had worked in shipyards until he was 22 years old, when he decided to concentrate on art. In 1994, his younger sister died due to complications of brain cancer, and Yamamoto began to make works in his memory that consisted of large labyrinthine installations of pure salt.

Motoi Yamamoto 1

Yamamoto’s early works were distinguished by being a labyrinth that took the form of a three dimensional brain as a way of exploring her sister’s condition. Although the patterns are basic and different for each piece, each work is practically improvised, with errors and imperfections that can remain intact during hours of hard work.

Motoi Yamamoto 3

Each piece is exhibited for a few weeks so that the public can later attend the destruction of the work and help store the salt in bags and jars that are then emptied into the ocean. Yamamoto’s most recent project is “Return to the sea”.