Satoshi Kon, one of the greatest animators in Japan

Works by Satoshi Kon

Paprika is a powdered condiment made from red bell peppers. It is also the name of the last film made by Satoshi Kon, one of the greatest animators in Japan.

Besides the films produced by Studio Ghibli, there are other masterpieces that are very worthwhile. For example, the animated films of Satoshi Kon, which have been released for a very particular reason. “Perfect Blue” and “Paprika”, Satoshi Kon’s first and last films, greatly inspired the directors of “Black Swan” (Black swan) and the “Origin” (Inception).

Paprika VS Origin

Satoshi Kon’s animated films are not for children

Unlike the teacher Hayao Miyazaki and other great Japanese directors, Satoshi Kon created adult movies. Despite being animations, his films are not suitable for the whole family. Perhaps this is the reason why they were not so popular, since their content is somewhat dark and intense.

Through the creation of complex characters, those who suffer psychological and / or emotional conflicts during the development of a dramatic and suspenseful story, Satoshi Kon managed to make an exhibition of the problems of Japanese society.

In his films, Satoshi reflected on the typical ideals of the human being: professional development, personal fulfillment and the pursuit of success. Likewise, he reflected on the negative effects that usually occur when we try to achieve these ideals: sedentary lifestyle, obesity, loneliness, addictions, disorders and obsessions.

Paprika, the latest film by Satoshi Kon

Movie "Paprika"

In the case of “Paprika”, the movie begins by explaining a revolutionary method of therapy developed by Dr. Atsuko Chiba. Thanks to the invention of a device that allows you to enter the dreams of other people, Chiba begins to enter the minds of some patients to treat their psychological problems using an avatar named Paprika.

However, the true story breaks out when three prototypes are stolen. The problem is very serious, as the thief begins to invade people’s minds through dreams. The last hope is Dr. Chiba and Paprika (her other self), who will have to carry out an investigation, both in the real world and in the dream world, to stop the person responsible and discover their true intentions before it is too much late.

Satoshi Kon changed animated cinema

Usually, Satoshi Kon’s works are unique and unmatched. Satoshi was a genius who harnessed the flexibility and creative power of animation to play with the boundaries between fantasy and reality. In this way, it was possible for him to make a perfect and beautiful blend of the main plot and the subconscious of his characters. Definitely, an amazing fusion between the real and the imaginary.

Satoshi Kon