Sport that came to Japan in 1873 and was consolidated in 1934, when the Yomiuri created their own team after Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig became mass phenomena.
During World War II, baseball continued to have many fans, although players were forced to wear khaki uniforms and greet each other on the field.

Today it has a great media impact and is still very popular although many fans have begun to have for the future of this sport in Japan, since some of the most talented national players, such as Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui, have emigrated to the United States to play in more promising leagues.
Between April and October, anyone interested in attending a match can do so at the historic Koshien Stadium, located on the outskirts of Osaka and built in 1924, and the dome of Tokyo, affectionately nicknamed, – the big egg -, which hosts the Yomiuri Giants, the most popular team in the country.

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