Japanese Mythology and Folklore – Rokurokubi

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Continuing with the yōkai list, this time I will talk about the rokurokubi. The rokurokubi (轆轤 首) are women who have a curse, or a supernatural manifestation of their desires. They have the ability to lengthen your neck, what happens at night while this person is asleep.

Not all rokurokubi are bad. Some cherish their daytime life as humans, and their yōkai nature haunts them. Others, on the other hand, do not have the ability to remember and think they are normal people. They do their evil deeds while they are asleep. Although the body does not move, its neck stretches, and it runs through the home.

Rokurokubi 2

The head can move throughout the house of the person who inhabits it, doing mischief like absorb life of people and animals, scare them or drink the oil from the lamps. He usually leans on the lintels above the doors and windows to sleep. Sometimes women have separate memories of what their heads are doing, in the form of dreams in which they view the room from strange angles. Women who have this curse are unlucky in love, frightening their husbands when they discover their nature at night.

Rokurokubi 3

According to certain legends, rokurokubi are ancient and cursed human beings for having disobeyed Buddhist precepts, so their negative karma It transforms them into monsters, and they attack those who faithfully follow the rules of this religion. Another explanation says that the neck stretch is nothing more than the supernatural manifestation of the person’s wishes.

Rokurokubi 4

These creatures die if they don’t return to your body before the sun rises, so one way to exterminate them is by destroying their bodies or hiding them so they can’t find them in time.