What is Kabuki?

In reaction to the existence of a theater called Noh Aimed only at the nobles, new forms of theater were born: Kabuki and Bunraku. Within Kabuki, three genres are distinguished: that of nobles and samurais, that of the people and that of dance.

What is the stage decoration of Kabuki?

Kabuki has its own decoration, composed of elements such as the hanamichi, the elevator and the revolving stage, among others. The hanamichi It is an elevated corridor that goes from the stage to the back of the theater through the auditorium and that serves not only for the entrance and exit of the actors, but also to achieve an exchange between actors and spectators.

How is it different from Noh?

The main difference between Kabuki and Noh is that in the first one no masks are used. In addition, the actors of the Kabuki theater put on makeup in an exaggerated way. On the other hand, instead of the drums and flutes that are used in the Noh, Kabuki uses traditional three-stringed instruments called shamisen.