Sakura or Cherry blossom in Japan

Sakura: Cherry Blossom

The sakura or Japanese cherry blossom is one of the best-known symbols of Japanese culture.

Three species of plants of the genus Prunus are also named sakura.

The cherry blossom blooms during the spring.
In Japan the hanami festival is held in his honor since it is its most significant flower (but not the official one, which is the chrysanthemum); During this, family and friends gather in the parks with cherry trees under their shade and, as a “picnic”, share food while celebrating the appearance of the flowers.
Japan’s academic year begins just after the end of the holiday.

During the year the cherry trees remain only covered with leaves, and are bare in winter, but towards the beginning of spring they bloom, decorating the parks with their appearance of pink clouds.

View of a blossom from a cherry tree in Fukushima, Japan.
Sakura are a common symbolic element in Japanese popular culture, where they have multiple related meanings.
The image of the petals of these flowers falling en masse at the beginning of spring, especially in April, symbolizes the beauty of nature and the rebirth of life as a new beginning.

Sakura or Cherry in Japan
Hanami: We shield and watch Sakura under the Sakura trees.
Sakura or Cherry in Japan