The Japanese bath

Hot Springs

How do the Japanese bath?

The most peculiar thing about the Japanese bath is that once the water has been heated in the bathtub, it is not emptied until the last one has entered. In addition, the body is washed with soap outside the bathtub, which is why all Japanese-style bathrooms have a drain.

Is it unhygienic not to change the hot water?

Although it may seem unhygienic not to change the water, each person who enters the bathroom washes well before entering so as not to dirty the water. It is a cultural issue that is based on respect and education.

Regardless, won’t the water be dirty when the last one comes in?

Nowadays, many bathrooms have a shower installed next to the bathtub. In addition, the towel used to wash the body is not used in the bathtub, so it is practically impossible for the water to be dirty.

Are there many hot spring spas in Japan?

Indeed. As Japan is a volcanic country, there are many natural sources of hot springs. In addition, it is natural for the Japanese to chat and communicate naked with people one does not know well in the hot springs that are in the open air. However, it is a shame that today there are hardly any thermal water baths where men and women share spaces.