Kaiseki: Formal Dinner and Ancient Style


Kaiseki or kaiseki-zen is the formal Japanese food. It has its origin in the dishes presented on the main tray to entertain visitors.
Typically the meal consists of a soup and three side dishes: one raw fish, the second grilled food, and the third simmered food.
This is followed by a plate of appetizers and another of fried or steamed food to accompany the sake and finally, a bowl of rice, miso soup and pickled vegetables.
In kaiseki, you will not only enjoy the food with your palate but also with your eyes as it is characterized by a discreet but elegant presentation in quality tableware. There is another kaiseki, phonetically the same but with a totally different content, which consists of a light meal that is served in tea ceremonies. Among the traditional Japanese restaurants, there are some that serve kaiseki-style Japanese food from tea ceremonies with their own presentation.