Miso: A soybean paste fermented with sea salt

Miso: It is a traditional condiment

The Miso came to Japan from China, shortly after the introduction of Buddhism in the country. Since then, the Japanese have consumed this product in the form of a soup. It is made by mixing steamed soybeans with KOJI (with leavening agent) and salt. Miso is essential in any Japanese food.

Miso: A soybean paste fermented with sea salt
Miso is a very tasty, fermented flavoring paste made with soybeans or grains and sea salt. For centuries it was considered a healing food in China and Japan.
Many mother jobs.
Long ago, my mother made miso at home for soup.
I boiled soybeans, then mixed it with rice and Koji (Yeast)
Afterwards, it must be kept at home and in storage to ferment it.
Now, we don’t do it at home, because we buy Miso in the supermarket.
But the original flavor that my mother made was super….