Wagashi: 9 Recommended Japanese Sweets

You like candy? The wagashi (Japanese sweets) can be found not only in specialty stores, but also in convenience stores and subway stations. There is a great variety of them, here we recommend some.


9 wagashi what you should try

1. Daifuku 大 福

Daifuku - wagashi

Daifuku is a small rice dough ball filled with red bean paste. More modern versions replace the pasta with other ingredients, such as strawberry or custard cream. It has a smooth and elastic consistency.

2. Mitarashi dango み た ら し 団 子

mitarashi dango - wagashi

Mitarashi dango is a variety of dango (rice dumplings) on grilled skewers, covered in a sugar-based caramel, soy sauce, and kudzu sauce. They are also known as yaki dango (焼 き 団 子), mitarashi or skip.

3. Warabi mochi わ ら び 餅

warabi mochi - wagashi

He warabi mochi It is a specialty of Nara. They are rice starch cakes simmered with soy powder on top. They are popular during the spring.

4. Dorayaki ど ら 焼 き

dorayaki - wagashi

East wagashi consists of two pieces of kasutera (see below) in the form of pancake with red beans in the middle. Its name comes from dora, a round percussion instrument that resembles it.

5. Kasutera カ ス テ ラ

kasutera - wagashi

He kasutera It is a sweet and fluffy bread made from eggs, wheat flour and syrup. Its name comes from Portuguese Castela, and was introduced by the Portuguese during their presence in southern Japan. Although it comes from outside, it is still considered wagashi.

6. Sakura mochi 桜 餅

sakura mochi - wagashi

As the name implies, the sakura mochi is related to the hanami, the season when the cherry blossoms open. Is a mochi wrapped in cherry leaves.

7. Yokan よ う か ん

youkan - wagashi

He yokan is a jelly-like sweet made from agar-hardened adzuki bean paste in cube molds. You can come across different types of hardness.

8. Karinto か り ん と う

karintou - wagashi

He karinto It is a sweet made from a dough of wheat flour, sugar, salt and yeast fried in vegetable oil and hardened with brown sugar caramel. The result is a sweet snack in the shape of a cacachuate.

9. Anmitsu あ ん み つ

anmitsu - wagashi

Anmitsu it is a mixture of boiled red beans, candy cubes and pieces of gum with red bean jelly on top. It is preferably served cold and with a scoop of ice cream on top.

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