Netflix is ​​making a Game of Thrones series with samurai

Netflix began producing a documentary / drama series that many have identified as the Japanese “Game of Thrones.”

The series titled “Age of samurai: Battle for Japan” that focuses on the history of kingdoms at war during the feudal era of Japan. Cream Productions, the production company behind the series “The Dictator’s Playbook” and the series “BTK: A Killer Among Us” and “Fear Thy Neighbor” is in charge of producing this series.

Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan uses an art style inspired by graphic novels and Japanese art, and will focus on several powerful warriors in an epic fight to become the absolute ruler of Japan. One of the main characters will be the samurai Date Masamune, called “the one-eyed dragon”, who fought alongside three warriors considered the founders of Japan and who united the country 400 years ago using powerful armies.

Masamune is said to have gouged out his own eye when he was a child when infected with smallpox, and murdered his younger brother to ensure his succession at the age of 17. He would later be recognized as one of the daimyo most powerful of their era. Eventually he conquered neighboring clans to unite most of northern Japan under his power.

Sculpture of Date Masamune
Sculpture of Date Masamune

As an iconic figure in Japanese history, Masamune has appeared before in various video games and anime. It is even believed that his helmet served as a reference for the design of the iconic Darth Vader helmet.

The series is expected to air in Japan, the United States and Canada next year.