Top 10 anime movies

For this top I decided to make a list of anime films that have stood out, trying not to repeat the same artist twice. Except Lupine the Third (which is based on the homonymous series), all the others are original works. There is no particular order for the movies.


1. Paprika

Paprika - Satoshi Kon, top 10 anime movie

It is perhaps Satoshi Kon’s best known anime film. The film is about a group of scientists who try to analyze dreams by using a device that allows them to enter them. However, a member of the team steals one of the devices and begins to commit acts of terrorism, breaking into people’s sleep. Because it is about dreams, there are people who have come to compare the film with The origin. The film was produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and Madhouse, inspired by the novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

2. Lupine the third and the Castle of Cagliostro

Lupine III and the castle of cagliostro, top 10 anime film

It is an anime film developed by Hayao Miyazaki before working at Studios Ghibli. The story follows the adventures of Arsene Lupine III, who robs the Monte Carlo Casino to realize that it is counterfeit money. He then heads to Cagliostro, a city rumored to be the origin of the counterfeit banknotes, and tries to save Clarisse.

3. Princess Mononoke

Princess mononoke, top 10 anime movie

It wasn’t easy to decide on a representative anime film from Studios Ghibli, but I settled on this one. The story centers on Ashitaka, a prince of the Emishi kingdom. The village is attacked by a forest spirit contaminated with a strange artifact. Ashitaka, who is poisoned by the creature, must travel west to save his life. Thus he finds Princess Mononoke, a human who was raised by the wolf gods of the forest to fight against the men who destroy the forest to obtain minerals. It is a story that incorporates many elements of Japanese folklore into one exciting story.

4. Summer Wars

summer wars, top 10 anime movie

The film is set in a world in which people are connected to a virtual world called Oz in which personal accounts are managed, the transit system, police, in short … the world depends on Oz. Kenji Koiso accepts Natsuki Shinohara’s invitation to his grandmother’s 90th birthday, and poses as her boyfriend. Then you receive an email with a code of Oz and decrypts it, unaware that he has hacked into the system and is now controlled by an artificial intelligence device that threatens to destroy everything and create chaos in the real world. Personally, of the entire list it is the anime film more geek. It was directed by Mamoru Hosoda and produced by Madhouse.

5. Tekkonkinkreet

Tekkonkinkreet, top 10 anime movie

Kuro and Shiro are two orphaned brothers who learn to live on the streets of Takaramichi. Kuro is the older brother, who tends to be impulsive, while Shiro is frequently withdrawn from the world. Both must fight against Snake’s gang of yakuzas, who intends to demolish Takaramichi to turn it into an amusement park. The movie is based on the sleeve by Taiyo Matsumoto and produced by Michael Arias.

6. Akira

Akira, top 10 anime movie

Akira is a classic of Japanese anime movies. The story takes place in Neo Tokyo after a great disaster strikes. The protagonist is Shotaro Kaneda, leader of a group of motorcycle hooligans. A group of researchers takes Kei, one of Shotaro’s friends, who seems to have high psychic activity. Scientists seek to revive in him Akira, a creature with supreme powers who was the cause of the disaster. The film was directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and produced by TMS Entertainment.

7. The girl who leapt through time

the girl who jumped in time, top 10 anime movie

Kazuko Yoshizama is a high school student who has had a bad day. After smelling a lavender scent, he faints. The next day she is involved in an accident in which she would have been run over by the subway, unless she had surprisingly traveled in time 24 hours earlier. Then he discovers that by jumping he can go back in time. However, Kazuko searches for the reason why she can travel back in time. The film is inspired by the novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui, adapted to the cinema by Nobuhiko Obayashi.

8. The garden of words

The garden of words, top 10 anime movie

This is the shortest of all the anime movies on the list. The story centers on Takao Akizuki, a high school student who wants to dedicate himself to making shoes. He likes rainy days, which he takes advantage of to skip classes and go to the park to draw. There he meets a woman older than him, who has missed work to drink beer in the park. The woman recites a tanka (genre of Japanese poem) as a riddle, which Takao must solve. The film is directed by Makoto Shinkai and produced by CoMix Wave Films.

9. Wolf Children Ame and Yuki

wolf children ame and yuki, top 10 anime movie

This anime movie was produced by Mamoru Hosoda and Studio Chizu. The plot centers on Hana, a college student who falls in love with a young man who reveals to her that he is a werewolf. They eventually have two children: Ame (rain) and Yuki (snow). The werewolf dies in an accident and Hana must take care of the children. However, it is difficult to take care of them in the city, since they constantly turn into wolves. That is why he decides to move to the country, where Ame decides to lead a normal life and Yuki refuses to reject his wolf nature.

10. Dead Leaves

Dead Leaves, top 10 anime movie

Dead leaves is a sci-fi anime movie produced by Production IG Retro and Pandy are two rebels who wake up on Earth with no memories of the past, but realize they have super powers. They are soon captured and sent to prison Dead leaves on the moon, where they are subjected to forced labor and torture. There they find other inmates with superpowers, with whom they ally to escape from prison.