Top 10 original anime

I have written little about series of anime, despite the fact that it is a very present phenomenon in Japanese pop culture. That is why I decided to dedicate this article to 10 series that stand out for their originality. Some series I have included because I have seen them and they have seemed outstanding, and others because of their popularity or because they have caught my attention. Without any more preambles, 10 out of the ordinary anime.

Afro Samurai

1. Afro Samurai: Set in a futuristic feudal Japan, the story revolves around Afro, a black samurai who seeks to avenge his father, the greatest sword fighter, who was defeated by Justice. The series consists of only 5 chapters, but stands out because it was produced by Samuel Jackson. The series has high violent content with some humorous scenes, and is set in a world that mixes two cultures: Japanese culture and the black culture of the Bronx.

Aku no hana

2. Aku no Hana: The title of this series (悪 の 花, The flowers of Evil) Refers to the homonymous work of the poet Charles Baudelaire. After success as sleeve made anime. Takao Kasuga is a bookworm, whose favorite book is The flowers of Evil. One day on impulse he steals the gym clothes of Nanako Saeki, with whom he is in love. However, Sawa Nakamura is a witness. Nakamura blackmails Kasuga or else he will give him away. The series has a different animation style from other series, and for the same reason it sometimes does not attract attention.


3. Baccano: The series consists of several apparently unrelated stories as they intertwine. Among the characters that appear are immortal alchemists, gangsters, psychopaths and thieves. The story unfolds over several decades.

Cowboy bebop

4. Cowboy Bebop: This series is by far one of my favorites. A group of bounty hunters hunt down criminals in a futuristic world where man can travel from Earth to Mars and Jupiter. Spike Spiegel, ship commander Bebop He searches for Vicious, Spike’s old friend and murderer of his love, Julia. Throughout the series, unresolved problems of the crew members are revealed. The soundtrack of the series is unique, as it consists of a lot of jazz, blues and a bit of rock.

Death note

5. Death Note: Light Yagami is the son of a detective and an outstanding student. One day he finds a notebook that has written Death note on the cover page. This is a notebook that a bored death god sent to the human world for fun. The person whose name is written in that notebook will die. Light takes the opportunity to finish off criminals in Japan. However, things get out of hand and a detective with the pseudonym “L” investigates who is responsible for the killings. The series is developed in an ingenious way, as it is a constant competition between “L” and Light to show who is the best.

Kids on the slope

6. Kids on the slope: Also know as Sakamichi no Apollon (坂 道 の ア ポ ロ ン, Apollo on the slope). The series is set in postwar Japan. Kaoru Nishimi is a shy boy who keeps changing school. He plays classical piano and does not associate with his new companions. Sentarō Kawabuchi is the bully in the room and is a drummer. Amazingly, the two come together to form a jazz band. The series perfectly describes the situation in Japan at the end of the war, as it portrays the American intervention, the influence of American culture and communist student movements of the time. The music, as in Cowboy Bebop is by Yoko Kanno, in addition to various jazz standards.

Madoka magica

7. Madoka Magica: At first glance this series seems to be one more of the style of Sailor Moon: a group of girls who acquire magical powers to fight evil. However, this series shows a dark side to the implications of such responsibilities, since death is always present. Madoka Magica breaks with the scheme of “magical girls” as it includes elements of horror and tragedy.

The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: At first the series may seem crazy: A girl with divine powers who is accompanied at school by an android, a space traveler, an esper and an ordinary boy. These paranormal beings pretend to be school students and try to entertain Haruhi Suzumiya so that she doesn’t get bored of this world and end it. But Haruhi is not aware of her supernatural powers and must not find out. The series can be seen in two ways: In linear order and an order proposed by the protagonist.

Michiko to Hatchin

9. Michiko to Hatchin: The story takes place in a fictional city that integrates many elements of Latin American culture, especially Brazilian. Michiko is a diva who escapes from a high security prison, while Hatchin is a little girl who escapes from her abusive family. The interesting thing is that the story takes place in a Latin American context, the music is produced by the Brazilian composer Alexandre Kassin, and was produced by Shinichirō Watanabe, creator of Cowboy bebop and Samurai Champloo.

Panty & Stocking

10. Panty & Stocking: This series was produced by the same people who made Gurren lagan as a break between projects. Panty and Stocking are two angels who have to earn their return to heaven by fighting ghosts that haunt Daten City. However these angels are very rebellious and do not always pay attention to Garterbelt, the priest responsible for both. The series attracts attention because it is designed in a pure western style as from Cartoon Network, but above all for its high erotic and suggestive content.