More curiosities of Japan

More curiosities from Japan!


  • A traditional Nagasaki pastry is the kasutera. Its name comes from Portuguese castellaas it was brought by Portuguese monks.

Bread in japanese

  • In Japanese, “bread” is said the same: “bread” (パ ン). This word was also adopted from Portuguese.


  • In ancient times there were apprentices of kabuki who prostituted themselves for other men. They were known as kagema.


  • For the ceremony of seppuku There was a person in charge of cutting off the head of the person who committed suicide after he opened his stomach. It was called kaishakunin

Memories of a Geisha

  • Memories of a Geisha it was not very well received in Japan, as it shows several errors. The geisha They are not prostitutes, and they never walk with their hair down.

Japan territory

  • Japan has 378 thousand square kilometers. It is taller than Germany or Italy, but smaller than Sweden.

robots in japan

  • Japan has the highest density of robots in the world. There are 800 thousand industrial robots in the world, half of them are in Japan. There is one robot for every 310 people in Japan.

fish consumption in Japan

  • Japan is the third largest fish consumer in the world. One third of the fish consumed in the world is consumed in Japan.

Aoi Matsuri

  • The oldest festival in the world takes place in Japan, the Aoi Matsuri. It happens on May 15 or 16 in Kyoto. It has been celebrated since the 6th century.

Genji's story

  • The oldest novel in the world is Genji’s story, of Murasaki Shikibu, which narrates the sexual adventures of the imperial court.