Practical Information

Temperatures and rainfall

Temperatures in Tokyo average 5 degrees in winter, 14 degrees in spring, 27 degrees in summer, and 18 degrees in fall.
From mid-June to mid-July, the rainy season -Tsuyu- arrives with constant rains.
The Japanese Meteorological Agency marks the rainy season in Tokyo from June 8 to July 20. In July and August, the heat is muggy, very humid. You spend the day under the air conditioning.

From the end of August and during the month of September typhoons -Uracan- are numerous.

In fact, just as in the US they give them names, in Japan they are numbered and it is not uncommon for them to talk about typhoon number 23,24 ..
Fortunately many of these typhoons barely touch Japan.
On average, Japan is directly influenced by 11 typhoons per year, of which 3 directly attack the Japanese archipelago.
Strong gales and torrential rains often cause some setback in efficient Japanese transport.

Time difference


Practical Information / Information about Japan


The police phone number is 110 and to report a fire or call an ambulance you have to dial 119. Calls are free. If calling from a green public booth, press the red button and dial.
For gray public telephones, dial directly. See the communications section for more information.


The electricity in Japan is 100V, alternating current, at 50 Hz in the east of Japan (Tokyo …) and at 60 Hz in the west (Osaka, Kyoto …). The plugs are 2 flat pins, so you will probably need an adapter to recharge the digital camera battery.

Practical Information / Information about Japan

Drinking water

In Japan and of course in Tokyo, tap water is drinkable. or you can buy a bottle of mineral water, it charges more or less 120 yen ~ 160 yen.