Travelling to Japan – Requirements

Entry requirements

Passport & Visa

Valid Passport

All foreign visitors to Japan must be in possession of a passport that will remain valid for the duration of their stay.



Japan has agreements with the following countries, exempting their citizens from the necessity of applying for a visa to enter Japan. Nationals of countries that are not listed require a visa.

A visa is also required by anyone who wishes to obtain employment, engage in any paid activity or stay in Japan for a longer period.

Vaccinations & Quarantine


There are no requirements for foreign travellers from any country regarding certificates of vaccination.


All imported animals or animal products are subject to quarantine inspection. The same applies to all imported plants and plant matter. The import of most animals, animal products and plants must be accompanied by an inspection certificate issued by the appropriate government authorities of the exporting country, certifying that the articles concerned are disease-free and have passed their inspection.


Customs Declaration

When you enter Japan you will be required to make a Customs Declaration. An oral declaration of your belongings is sufficient except when:

1) You have unaccompanied baggage arriving on a later flight.
2) You have articles in excess of the duty-free allowance

In both these cases you must make a written declaration to a customs officer at the time and place of your entry into Japan.

Duty-Free Import Allowance

Personal effects and portable professional equipment for use during your stay in Japan can be imported free of duties and/or taxes provided that the content and quantity of the articles is deemed reasonable by a customs officer and provided that the articles are not for subsequent sale in Japan.
There is no limit on the total amount of means of payment (Japanese or foreign currency, cheques, promissory notes, and securities) that may be brought into or taken out of Japan. However, if you transport means of payment exceeding ¥1,000,000 or its equivalent, you are required to report this to Customs.