Vending machines in Japan

Vending machines can be found all over the country. They sell anything you can imagine and also the most common and necessary: ​​water, soft drinks, hot or cold canned coffee, hot or cold tea in a can or bottle, beer, juices, etc. So don’t worry if you are thirsty; around the corner you will always find a Konbini (24-hour supermarket) and two steps away a drinks vending machine. The use of vending machines in our country is widespread and you can find everything from canned bread to fresh eggs or masks.

They work with coins and the price is usually 120 yen. There are even those that sell beer and sake. Although these machines are very useful because you can buy all kinds of things at any time of the day, they also pose some problems such as the fact of not being able to control the sale of alcohol and cigarettes to minors. But now when we buy the cigarette, we need a special card to buy it.

Vending machine