Harajuku is a place in the city of Tokyo that is known for the fashion “Kawaii” (Pretty, Cute), extravagant and different from anywhere on the planet. The most famous place in Harajuku is Takeshita Street, where people from all over Japan and the world gather to enjoy this unique neighborhood and show off their best Harajuku-style outfits.

Harajuku not only offers fashion, but also delicious desserts that are loaded with all the “Kawaii” energy of the place and have gained fame throughout Japan. Two of the most famous desserts in Harajuku are:

Tapioca Meringues: The drink consists of flavored tea, often mixed with milk and sugar, with black tapioca balls in the bottom, waiting to be absorbed. It originally hails from Taiwan and has gained international renown in recent decades. In Japan, it is said to have become popular in the late 1990s. This was because some famous tapioca tea chain stores started businesses in Japan. One of the reasons it became popular in Japan is because of its unique appearance and texture.

The Japanese also love milk tea, but it was a novel idea to drink it with tapioca. In particular, sucking on the tapioca balls with a large straw is unique, particular, and intriguing. On top of that, the Japanese love the chewy texture of the spheres just like they love rice cake. Because of this, the chewy texture of tapioca was easily accepted by them.

Nowadays, especially in Harajuku, many people like to drink it not only as milk tea, but also as green tea, fruit tea, and jasmine tea. As the drink gradually spread in Japan and around the world, coffees have continued to develop and incorporate new teas, flavors, blends, colors and add-ons. The Japanese love to enjoy tapioca tea in various ways, being one of the main attractions of Takeshita Street where there are endless flavors to choose from this exquisite drink.

Crepes: The famous French dessert has taken Kawaii form in Harajuku, filled with cream, sugar, pastry cream and strawberries, these sandwiches are a perfect complement to Takeshita Street, full of life and youth. Harajuku-style crepes are prepared in front of the customer, with a thin, pale yellow batter, which is quickly poured and cooked on a griddle, then folded and filled with your choice. The most popular is some variation of cream and fruit, but there are endless varieties, including tasty tuna wraps, pork chops, hot dogs, and curries.

There are dozens of flavors and it is very easy to order because outside the store they display all the models of crepes made with wax so that the customer can give a graphic idea of ​​what their crepe will be like.

Crep is a traditional pancake-like dessert originally from the Brittany region of France and has spread throughout the world. No one knows exactly how it came to Japan, but it first appeared as street food in the Harajuku-Shibuya area of ​​Tokyo in the late 1970s. Today, Takeshita Street in Harajuku is still known for its many crepe shops. that sell them folded full of whipped cream. It is a very sweet dessert, therefore the combination with salty flavors is unmatched.

These two desserts are part of the special gastronomy of Harajuku, in total harmony with the Kawaii and fashion atmosphere of the area.

When touring Tokyo and walking along Takeshita Street, try these desserts, because they are one of the best attractions in the place.

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