During the summer, temperatures in Japan can get quite high and a bit difficult to cope with. But like everything, there is always a “something” that encourages people and that is that, for many years now, a delicious dessert has been prepared in the country, perfect for the time and it is found practically everywhere.

This delicacy called “Kakigori” is made from ice that, through a special blade machine, turns it into snow. The texture of a Kakigori is slightly different from that of a granita, since it is finer and that is why the use of a spoon is always required to eat it.

This dessert dates from the Heian era (794-1185), when the ice was kept in warehouses called “Himuro”, and then in summer it was taken to Kyoto, where syrup was added and given as a dessert to the Japanese aristocracy. .

Later, in the Meiji era, ice became more accessible and later a special machine was invented to make dessert. Since then, when summer arrives, it has been sold everywhere, becoming one of the icons of the time in Japan.

Stores that sell this product indicate it with a flag with the symbol “氷” in red, this symbol is read “Kori” and means ice in Japanese.

This tasty dessert can be enjoyed in street stalls during festivals, events and in tourist places. It can also be consumed in a more elegant way in restaurants specialized in creating these.

Generally, the syrups used to flavor ice are strawberry, lemon, green tea, grape, melon, mango and other fruits. It is sweetened with condensed milk that can be added over ice.

If you take a trip to Japan during the summer, don’t forget to try a delicious Kakigori to cool off.

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