In Kyoto it is very common to see people dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, the kimono. There is even a rather peculiar place that lives up to the designs of this beautiful garment. The place is known as “The kimono forest”. It is an unmissable walk for people heading to the bamboo forest, located in the Arashiyama area.

The Kimonos Forest is located at Randen Arashiyama Station, which is just off the main street in Arashiyama, close to the UNESCO World Heritage Tenryu-ji Temple.

A wonderful surprise awaits visitors who head to the station to explore what it has to offer.

Inside the station, glowing cylindrical pillars in a variety of colors and patterns are arranged in rows like a forest making its way through a dreamy, fantasy land. The pillars are made from fabric dyed using the traditional Kyo-Yuzen technique, a style of dyeing and printing used to create the brightly colored Yuzen Kimono in Kyoto.

Around 600 pillars make up the “Forest of Kimonos”, creating an impressive and fascinating view of the station.

The visit to the Forest is free. It pretends to be a small town to enjoy day or night, with walking paths, small parks, kiosks and even a spa to soak and rest your feet after long walks.

It is also home to the “Dragon Pond,” named for the Dragon Temple of Tenryu-ji, which serves as the guardian of the station that ensures everyone has a safe journey.

At nightfall the LED lights installed on each of the pillars illuminate the beautiful Kimonos Forest, making this walk even more impressive, creating a route of indescribable beauty.

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