Japanese Calligraphy

What kind of character is considered good in Japanese calligraphy?

A work is appreciated from two points of view, one is that of expression from which expressive beauty such as brushstroke, composition, ink color and arrangement is appreciated… .. and the other of the content that refers to the beauty of the content as the dignity and meaning.

As calligraphy is an expression of the personality of the calligrapher, the work that can move those who appreciate it is considered good.

I have heard that masterpieces adorn rooms. It is true?

Yes, until the middle of the present century calligraphy was given importance in teaching, so those who are over 60 years old know how to handle the brush.

It is one of our pleasures to adorn Japanese-style rooms with the works of good calligraphers and great masters.


It is the first calligraphy of Ano Nuevo. Since ancient times, on January 2, words and poems of good omen are written with a brush in large letters.

Today, this custom continues among calligraphy fans, schoolboys, and high school students. In the case of the schoolboys, the Kakizome is winter break homework.