Osaka Airport Transportation operates so-called “limousine buses” that connect Osaka Airport (Itami), Kansai International Airport and the main terminal stations in the Kansai region. It has easy access. Without transfers, you can get to Osaka Airport (Itami) and Kansai International Airport, without having to do train transfers, as it is close to the main terminal stations in the Kansai region.

Limousine buses are found at all Kansai airports and can be used right after your flight has landed. It is recommended to look for the signs when leaving the disembarkation area, generally, it is very easy to recognize the place where the ticket machine is.

Passengers carrying large luggage can store it in the trunk of the bus, this way they do not have to travel on trains full of people carrying bulky luggage or carry luggage up and down at different stations.

Passengers can sit back and relax: Use time freely while on the bus. Check the airport schedule, find out about travel destinations in magazines or just sleep and relax. The service is reliable and punctual. All airport limousine buses are equipped with GPS and track traffic conditions in real time.

To use the service, a ticket to the desired destination must be purchased from the vending machine or station ticket office before traveling or an IC card can also be prepared. Then the bus should be searched according to the place of departure or destination.

Stand in line for the bus: Large luggage will be stored in the trunk of the bus, so it must be handed over to the attendant upon arrival. For passengers boarding with IC cards it is not necessary to purchase a ticket, so you must go straight to the queue.

Map: where you can take


When the bus arrives, confirm the destination and board because reservations are only available on some routes, passengers board in order of arrival. If you have a ticket, you must give it to the crew. Those boarding with IC cards should touch the IC card panel and get on the bus.

For safety, all passengers are required to fasten their seat belts. Also, in consideration of other people, it is requested that mobile phones be set to silent mode.

Upon arrival, wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before leaving the seat to get off. Passengers who used IC card when boarding do not need to touch the IC card panel when getting off.

Some of the limousine bus stations are:

  • Osaka Sta. (Umeda Sta.)
  • Shin-Osaka Sta.
  • Namba Sta. / JR Namba Sta.
  • Kintetsu Uehommachi Sta.
  • Abenobashi Sta. (Tennoji Sta.)
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Nagata Sta. / Kintetsu Yao Sta.
  • Kyoto Sta.
  • Kobe Sannomiya Sta.
  • Hanshin Koshien Sta. / Hankyu Nishinomiya-kitaguchi Sta.
  • Himeji Sta.
  • Nara Sta. / Tenri Sta.

At the stations where the limousine bus stops, there is usually a sign indicating where the ticket machine is located. In case you cannot be reached, you can ask the station staff who will surely and very kindly guide you to the site.

Using the limousine bus to get from the airport and other areas of Kansai is very comfortable and convenient to use.

It should be noted that variations of limousine buses are also found in other airports in Japan, such as Hiroshima Airport, Nagasaki Airport, Chiba Narita Airport, among others.

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