Little rainfall and mild climate. Scenic views of the islands in the Seto Inland Sea and the Seto-ohashi Bridge.

Okayama is situated in the southeastern Chugoku region (the southwest end of Japan’s main island) and faces the Seto Inland Sea. The mild climate and little rainfall make Okayama ideal for grapes, peaches and other fruit plantations. The Chugoku Mountain Range extends in the north, the Kibi Heights spreads on the south of the mountains beyond the Tsuyama Basin, and the Okayama Plain faces the Seto Inland Sea in the south.

Okayama is endowed with abundant natural beauties, including the islands in the Seto Inland Sea, the Seto-ohashi Bridge that spans Honshu (the main island of Japan) and Shikoku Island, Mt. Washu-zan that overlooks them, and the Hiruzen Heights in the Daisen-Oki National Park.

Other must-sees are Okayama Castle noted for its unique black exterior, the Kibitsu-jinja Shrine that has a national treasure sanctuary and worship hall as well as the important cultural property Kita-zuishin-mon Gate, and many other historic sites and historical structures.

The Koraku-en Garden, one of the three major gardens in Japan, offers a beautiful sight of its garden and the view of the Okayama Castle. There is also Kurashiki Tivoli Park, created to resemble the world’s first theme park, the Tivoli Park in Denmark.