Various islands on the Seto Inland Sea. Little Kyoto of the San-in region that still embraces storehouses with walls covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster.

Yamaguchi is situated on the westernmost tip of the Japanese main island. Because of its geographical location and ocean current, it has long had cultural exchanges with the Korean Peninsula.

Boyo Islands that string out between Yamaguchi and Ehime belong to Seto-Naikai National Park. Various islands on the moderate inland sea and coast of various curves, white sand, and green pine trees are mingled among terraced fields and houses creating attractive scenery.

Hagi that overlooks the Japan Sea is a castle town established in the early 17th century and also known as “Little Kyoto” of the San-in region (The Japan Sea Coast), and the city still embraces ancient paths and storehouses with namako, walls covered with square tiles joined with raised plaster.

Yamaguchi City is situated in the center of the prefecture. Since it imitated Kyoto, the then capital of Japan in the mid-14th century, it was called “Kyoto of the West” and prospered. Every summer, the Yamaguchi Gion-matsuri Festival that echoes Kyoto’s Gion-matsuri Festival is held.

Shimonoseki that is situated on the westernmost tip of the prefecture faces Kyushu’s Moji Port with the Kanmon Strait in between, and is connected by the 780-meter long Kanmon Tunnel.