Miyagi Prefecture is situated in the northwestern part of Japan, facing the Pacific Ocean. With the capital of Sendai City in the center, to the south is Abukuma-gawa River, and to the east, Kitagami-gawa River. On the coastal side are intricate shores on the north and moderate beaches from Matsushima on the south. Along the western inland is a stretch of 1,000 meter-high mountains represented by Zao.

Miyagi, with these typical geographical characteristics, has much to attract visitors. They include, but not limited to, Matsushima, known as one of the three most beautiful sites of Japan, Zao with rich natural environment, and a saw-toothed coast in the Minami Sanriku Kinkazan Quasi-National Park that leads to Rikuchu-kaigan Coast.

Throughout the prefecture are natural hot springs like Akiu-onsen, Sakunami-onsen and Naruko-onsen. You can go around the famous hot spring and feel the atmosphere and emotions of people that have been carried down for generations.

Matsushima, known as one of the three most beautiful sites in Japan
Tanabata-matsuri Festival in Sendai, crowded with more than 2 million spectators

Also, in the castle city of Sendai, there are historical sites such as the site of Sendai Castle and Rin’no-ji Temple Garden.

Every year, during the beginning of August when Tanabata-matsuri Festival is held, the City hosts more than two million spectators.

How to get to Miyagi.

By bullet train:
Take the Hayate or Yamabiko bullet train line to Miyagi province stations such as Sendai, Shiraishizao or Furukawa from Tokyo Station. It takes 2 hours. It costs 11,000 yen.
By bus:
Take the bus for Miyagi at Tokyo station. It takes between 5 and 7 hours. It costs between 3,000 and 7,000 yen.