Gion corner: Geishas

Gion corner (Gion's corner)

Gion Corner is a place where you can delight in seven types of performing arts, especially the kyo-mai dance performed by maiko dancers. Here you can see the traditional performing arts of Japan in “summary” form in a single stage.

Located in Yasaka Hall, next to the Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater, the place has a very international flavor, as it is popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists.
There is also a Maiko Gallery, where dance videos, hair decorations worn by Maiko dancers, and other items are displayed.

The seven traditional Japanese performing arts that can be experienced at Gion Corner:

Kyo-mai dance

Originally from Kyoto, kyo-mai is an elegant and dazzling dance performed by maiko and geiko dancers (in Kyoto, “geisha” are called “geiko”) in a beautifully adorned dress. Maiko’s Kyo-mai performances can be enjoyed at Gion Corner.

Tea ceremony

This is the stylized tradition of steeping and serving tea to guests. The Corner performs the “ryurei” style of the Tea Ceremony, sitting on stools, for visitors from foreign countries who are not used to kneeling on tatami.


Ikebana Flower arrangement

The art of creating and enjoying arrangements made with flowers and other materials.



The koto is an ancient Japanese six-string zither that is traditionally played with ivory folds on the fingers, producing wonderful harmonies.


Gagaku court music

Gagaku is the name of the indigenous Japanese music and dance performed in the imperial court, shrines, and temples. Gion Corner offers maigaku performances accompanied by dancing.


Kyogen Theater

Kyogen is a form of theater that portrays life as it was in a comical way.


Bunraku Puppet Theater

Bunraku, Japan’s traditional puppet theater, was included in the UNESCO list of masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity in 2003.


Getting to know the beautiful culture of Kyoto is one of the most interesting things you can do in Japan. Gion Corner, located near the Yasaka Shrine and on the main street of Gion, is a place where you can enjoy the amazing old Kyoto. It is highly recommended to visit this theater while getting to know Kyoto.