How to interact with Okunoshima rabbits

How to interact with Okunoshima rabbits

Okunoshima, better known as the Island of the Rabbits, welcomes visitors who wish to interact with the tender inhabitants of the Island. For maximum enjoyment, people are required to comply with certain standards of behavior and protection, such as:

  • If you want to feed the rabbits, please, the food must be purchased at the port of Tadanoumi.
  • Small animals should not be held or chased.
  • Rabbits are generally afraid of being held and will fight to escape.
  • Living in the wild means that they do not have access to veterinarians in case of injury, therefore it is crucial that they are left free to minimize the risk of injury.
  • It is important to take into account that, on the roads, rabbits should not be given food because the roads are traveled with bicycles and, while they eat, the rabbits are too concentrated and do not notice the traffic.
  • When trying to escape at the last minute, they can collide with bicycles or even other types of vehicles.
  • It is appreciated not leaving food scraps.
  • Rabbits do not eat wet skin or spoiled vegetables. These residues attract crows.
  • In addition, leaving food near their nest means filtering out the whereabouts of baby rabbits to their predators.
  • Nor should they be given food for human consumption such as bread and sandwiches because they will get sick when ingesting them. Also, rabbits cannot digest potatoes.
  • Moderate speed riding is required for the reasons stated above.
  • It is forbidden to remove rabbits from their habitat and bring them home.
  • According to the Wildlife and Hunting Protection Law, prior permission from the Ministry of the Environment is required to capture wild animals. Also, you can incur expensive treatment fees later on, as some rabbits can carry parasites or other diseases.
  • Do not bring your own rabbits to abandon them on the Island.
  • Rabbits that have been kept as pets cannot survive on the island as the rabbits are too territorial and the “strangers” will be harassed and beaten by the local inhabitants.
  • Do not forget to check under your car because there could be rabbits there as it is an ideal place to hide from the direct sun and its predators. Make sure to check under your car as they can remain even after the engine is started.

Please enjoy the rabbits in peace. Watch them silently and share your photos online.

Let the world know about this mysterious enclave, the Isla de los Conejos.

Please fill the water bags. Water is scarce, especially around the hotel. Refill the water trays around the island, whenever possible. The rabbits that live on the hillside can feed from natural springs, however, for those surrounding the hotel, these trays are crucial to their survival.

Following these rules, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of being in Okushima, the Island of Rabbits.