Imperial palace square

One of the most important visits in the tour of the Tokyo metropolis is the imposing Imperial Palace.
Near the recently renovated Tokyo station, walking directly you can see the first buildings that make up the palace. It is a very beautiful place that has a huge garden that today is a public park.
Normally visitors can stroll around the outskirts of the palace and marvel at the traditional Japanese architecture with which the castle was built. In the palace is the residence of His Majesty The Emperor and His Majesty The Empress. This place is inaccessible to ordinary visitors. There is also The Imperial Household Agency, which regulates the activities in the palace.
Only twice a year do visitors have the opportunity to enter the interior of the palace to see His Majesty The Emperor, these days are; On January 2 of each year and on Her Majesty’s birthday. These special days, more than 40,000 people line up early to enter the palace, to see the appearance of the Imperial family from the balcony of the palace so that His Majesty The Emperor then makes a speech dedicated to the people of Japan and the world , wishing happiness and prosperity to the inhabitants of the nation and its visitors. The Imperial Family always makes speeches and performs actions that promote learning from the past to create a peaceful future.
Imperial palace square
Formerly the site of the Imperial Palace was the resistance of the Tokugawa family during the Edo period. The Meiji government, upon seizing power, ordered the eviction of Edo Castle, and that was how the last Tokugawa Shogun left the Palace peacefully and there was not a drop of blood spilled.
In 1869 His Majesty The Meiji Emperor moved the nation’s capital from Kyoto to the city of Edo and named it “Tokyo” which literally means “Capital of the East.” The new government did a major remodeling of the castle to create an atmosphere that would unite the tradition of Japan together with the newcomer European fashion.
The complex was very impressive in the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras. But unfortunately there are not many buildings left from these times, due to in May 1945 the United States government gave the special order to bomb the entire palace, dropping about 2000 bombs in the enclosure destroying almost the entire Imperial Palace.
Imperial palace square
After the war, in a more modest way, the residence of His Majesty The Emperor was rebuilt and the gardens outside the palace became a public park where today the common Tokiota goes to trot around the Palace and millions of tourists They travel to see this beautiful place in the capital city.
The palace is surrounded by modern skyscrapers of the most loyal companies in the country. At the back of the palace is the famous “Nippon Budokan” concert hall where national and international artists perform great concerts.
Next to the Nippon Budokan is the Yasukuni Shrine where people pray every day to maintain the Peace of Japan that His Majesty The Emperor always talks about in his speeches. To enter the Imperial Palace it is necessary to go on a special tour conducted by The Imperial Household Agency.
The Imperial Palace is one of the best places to take memorable photographs, due to the importance of the place and the impressive landscape that surrounds the place. If you are in Japan, going to the Imperial Palace is one of the visits that you must do without fail.