Kumano Shrine in Kawagoe

In the prefecture of Saitama there is a special place, an intact villa that has remained from the Edo Period (1603-1868). It’s called Kawagoe and it’s one of the most important tourist spots in the prefecture. The particular Kumano Shrine has three activities that aim to bring the visitor closer to the gods in a more physical and even fun way.
This shrine is located near the Renjakucho crossing. Hoping to promote people’s health, the Kumano Shrine or in Japanese “Kumano-Jinja” implemented “Ashibumi Kenkou Road (The Healthy Way Step by Step)”, a road with many embedded pebbles. The small stones, perfectly organized, are beneficial for health, since stimulating the soles of the feet greatly improves blood circulation.

At first it may hurt a bit or be uncomfortable, but when you walk a little more the sensation becomes pleasant and in a natural way the laughter and joy of the walkers comes into view while doing the tour. Many visitors to the sanctuary enjoy it.
The sanctuary area is very nice and welcoming. After balancing the body with the passage of the pebbles, there is another interesting activity that awaits the visitor.
Right next to the Haiden (front shrine) is another small but beautiful shrine dedicated to the goddess of prosperity Benzaiten. Normally when arriving at a sanctuary a 5 yen coin is thrown into the offering drawer and one proceeds to pray.
But in this section of this sanctuary, for those people who are looking for economic prosperity there is a whole space of pure water with small fountains where, after praying, a small transparent basket is grabbed into which bills and coins should be put (really ) to proceed to wash them with sacred water from the sanctuary.
According to legend, if money is washed with Benzaiten water, economic prosperity will come to the person’s life quickly and cleanly. For the Japanese this is a normal activity and there are people who insert 10,000 yen bills to make the effect stronger in their lives.

Kumano Kawagoe Shrine

After balancing the body and laundering the money, finally it is recommended to try your luck.
Here the visitor is given a number of hoops (similar to the frisbee game) and they must point them towards three sticks that the sanctuary has. Each suit represents an important aspect of life; love, money and study or work.
If the visitor succeeds in throwing the hoop and inserting in the desired area, then that person will have very good luck in that regard. If you launch but fail to insert, then you must put in a personal effort to get ahead in that regard.

As in most shrines, the Kumano-Jinja has its own “Omikuji” (Prophecy of the future), and since the energy of the goddess Benzaiten is present here, the Omikuji comes with a small image of the goddess so that it can be carried in the letter or in some important place and thus the energy of the goddess is always with the visitor. The Kumano Shrine has activities a little out of the ordinary, therefore it is highly recommended to pay a visit here and connect with prosperity in a different and dynamic way.