Oita City

Oita, is the capital of Oita prefecture, in the region of Kyushu. It is the most populous city in the entire prefecture, with an approximate of 478,491 people.

In the 1970s, the Toshiba and Canon brands built and expanded their industrial plants in the interior. By then, the city emerged as a major manufacturing center for electronic products such as LSI and digital cameras.

Oita’s warm climate allows it to have an abundance of fresh produce from both land and sea. The central area is a leader in gastronomy, art and culture.

Oita City

Some of the attractions of the city are:

The Oita art museum: It is located within the gardens of the Uenogaoka Kodomo-no-mori park. It has many works of art on permanent display and, with special displays in various fields.

The ruins of Funai Castle: it is one of the privileged locations to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring. The ruins are in the Oita Joshi Koen Park, a few minutes from Oita Station. The rock walls, the old buildings and the imposing landscape show a bit of Oita’s history.
The Umitamago Aquarium: A wonderful aquarium, with multiple exhibits that takes the visitor on a journey to the marine world. This aquarium is very popular for the fun performances of dolphins and walruses.

The Sasamuta Shinto Shrine: It is one of the main high-ranking shrines that has been in operation from the ancient province of Bungo (old name for Oita) until today. The Sun Goddess named Amaterasu Oomikami (the sun goddess, and the main goddess of Japan) is enshrined here.

The Oita Stadium: It is located along the city highway. It is the home field of the J. League Oita Trinita football club and is used for large local events.

Takasakiyama Natural Zoological Garden: This beautiful zoo is located on Mount Takasaki, where around 1,000 Japanese macaques live, which can be observed in a natural habitat. It is ideal for a family outing.

In addition to these interesting places, Oita city has many other activity centers and attractions that you can discover when visiting this beautiful city in the Kyushu region.