Okinawa: Beaches in Japan

The Okinawa region is made up of a set of islands found in the southernmost region of Japan. Because it is near the equator, its climate is tropical. During World War II, one of the bloodiest battles took place here, and at the end of the war it was provisionally occupied as a naval base by the United States, until 1972. Here you can visit the islands of Yaeyama, Okinawa, Miyako and Kume, who are famous for being attractive japan beaches.


Of all these beaches, the Okinawa It is the largest, and although it is largely urbanized, it still has some natural areas, such as the northernmost part of the island. The most important avenue on the island is Kokusaidori (literally “international road”). On the sides of the avenue you will find several restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, souvenir shops and department stores. Many of them close until 11, while several restaurants liven up the place with original Okinawan music.

Shuri Castle

Another site of interest in Okinawa is the castle of Shuri, which was built during the reign of Ryukyu. It is considered a world heritage site by the UNESCO, and near it you can find the mausoleum of the royal family of the kingdom.