Rabbit Island: Okunoshima

How to go to Okunoshima Island from Hiroshima

Okunoshima (Rabbit Island) is a 15-minute ferry ride from Tadanoumi port with services that run approximately every 30 to 45 minutes. The port is a 3-minute walk from JR Tadanoumi Station, which is a 25-minute train ride from JR Kure’s Mihara Station on the magnificent coastline.
The trip itself is worth it, with stunning views of the inland sea and its many islands.

Okunoshima Island from Hiroshima

In the prefecture of Hiroshima, in the Takehara area, there is a very peculiar and mysterious island that attracts thousands of tourists a year who want to see its cute little inhabitants. Its name is “Okunoshima” and it is colloquially known as “The Island of Rabbits”. Around 1000 rabbits live in the wild within this 700 square meter island. Rabbits are friendly and affectionate with visitors, as long as they respect the established rules.

How to interact with Okunoshima rabbits

Okunoshima, better known as the Island of Rabbits, welcomes visitors who want to interact with the cute inhabitants of the Island. By following these rules, you can enjoy the wonderful experience of being on Okushima, the Island of Rabbits.