Super Potato

A store specializes in those nostalgic games that meant the childhood of today’s adults.
This store is called “Super Potato” and it is a store that attracts visitors from all over the world due to its interesting collection of classic games and consoles.
The store is divided into several floors. The first one is packed with all the original and new cassettes of the original games, from the first “Super Mario Bros” video game to “The legend of Zelda.” Any classic game that you long to get, because in this store you can get it. The next floor greets you with a large statue of Mario.
Here you can find stuffed animals, key chains, sweets and more, characterized by the main characters of retro games. But what is the use of having the original cassettes if the consoles no longer make them? On this floor you will find the classic consoles in new condition, just as if they had gone on sale yesterday.
Super Potato

Inside Super Potato

From the first «Game Boy» console to the «Super Nintendo».
The first two floors have a cozy atmosphere, filled with vintage televisions showing the main screen of classic games.
Some of the TVs have controls for retesting your old games, free of charge. The store has background music all the songs from retro video games, giving us the feeling of having reached that nostalgic time full of joy. On the top floor there is a collection of video game machines, which were formerly used in the «Game Centers». This gives the opportunity for a few coins, to retest those retro video games of helicopters, fighting, agility, simplicity, just like in the 80s or 90s.
To accompany the experience, there is for sale a large assortment of classic Japanese sweets that were formerly sold in stores. These sweets are called “Dagashi” which literally translates to “Cheap sweets.”
It is impressive that in a city as modern as Akihabara, equipped with the newest anime, a classic shop can be found that invites the visitor to take a walk to the origin of the present day Akihabara culture. If you like classic video games and want to revive that child in you, then visit the «Super Potato» store.