Volcanic islands of Izu

The Izu islands are located southeast of the main islands of Tokyo in the Pacific Ocean. The closest, Oshima, is 108 km away, while Aogashima is 354 km away. Each island has its own identity. All kinds of beach sports such as swimming, diving, surfing and fishing can be practiced. There are also several places with spectacular landscapes, and in summer they are very popular with tourists.

Located south of Sagami Bay, the group of islands consisting of O-Shima, To-Shima, Nii-jima, Kozu-Shima, Miyake-Jima, Mikura-Jima and Hachijo-Jima together they make up the Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, and are administered directly by the Tokyo government.


The biggest island of all is O-shima, and is the most famous for its vegetation that includes camellias and azaleas. It is a resort area with a moderate climate that offers a view of Mihara-yama and the anko, a traditional dress for women.


In To-shima you can see flocks of booby birds.


Nii-jima is famous for its scenery on the bay of Hanebushi-ura.


The geography of Kosu-shima is very intricate, and there are historical ruins of temples and shrines.


Miyake-Jima is famous for its camellias and hydrangeas.


Mikura-jima is considered a virgin forest.


Hachijo-jima offers a subtropical climate nice.

All the islands are surrounded by a beautiful ocean, and visitors enjoy practicing the fishing, surfing, diving and other marine sports and activities. In recent years watch dolphins it has become a popular activity. Because they are volcanic islands, you can also find hot springs.