The seven gods of good fortune have been worshiped for many years by the Japanese people.

In Joshu Ota (Ota City in Gunma) they are respectively enshrined in the seven temples located at the foot of Kanayama Hill. It is wonderful to do the walking tour to admire its natural beauty.

The temples to visit are:

Chonen-ji (Chonen Temple). Ebisu (the god of wealth):

In the Edo Era, the messengers to dedicate the offerings to the gods of the Emperor, the first thing they had to do was register their arrival at the temple. In the Meiji era, this compound served as a secondary school for boys. Visitors go in search of good business, wealth and happiness.

Juraku-ji (Juraku Temple). Daikokuten (the god of wealth)

This temple was built in 1384. It was once relocated, burned and rebuilt. The door shows its history. Visitors go in search of food in abundance and the fulfillment of their aspirations.

Daiko-in (Daiko Temple). Benzaiten (the goddess of music, eloquence, wealth and wisdom)

This temple was built in 1613 by Ieyasu Tokugawa in commemoration of Yoshishige Nitta, founder of the clan. He is known as Kosodate-Donryu-sama, named after the first priest, Donryu. With their devotion, believers aspire to wealth, happiness, and good grades in school.

Kinryu-ji (Kinryu Temple). Bishamonten (the god of wars and the guardian god of Buddhism)

It was erected by Sadauji Yokose to worship his grandfather Yoshisada Nitta. A wooden statue of Yoshisada is enshrined here. Visitors can come here seeking success in their occupation and improvement of their fortune.

Gyokugon-ji (Gyokugon Temple). Fukurokuju (the god of happiness, wealth and health)

The historic door of the temple appears at the top of the stone steps, providing a calm and elegant atmosphere to this place. There, people go looking for a salary increase.

Eifuku-ji (Eifuku Temple). Jurojin (the god of longevity)

It is not certain when this temple was built, but Sadauji Yokose, the lord of Kanayama Castle, moved it to this site in 1417. People visit it seeking good health and longevity.

Sogen-ji (Sogen Temple). Hoteison (the god of happiness)

This enclosure is also called Sazae-do (a turban shell temple) due to its architectural style. The hydrangea garden is worth a visit. Here, people go in search of the happiness and security of their family.

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