For those people who are just beginning to learn Japanese, or who already have studies, here is a list of useful resources to continue or complement their studies. The material presented in this article is in no way a substitute for classroom learning, but serves as a support.

Kana invaders

Kana invaders is a game made by Learn Japanese Pod. This free game is for those who are just beginning to learn kanas. It’s a style game space invaders, where the player must type the kanas to shoot the enemy aliens. To play, click here.


This application for Google Chrome is very useful when you are visiting internet pages. When there is a kanji whose reading you do not know, simply place the cursor above the word and a box with a dictionary will appear with various definitions. Sometimes it becomes annoying because dragging the cursor across the page opens multiple boxes. To install it in your browser click here.

East Asian language pack

This package allows you to write Japanese characters. The program identifies by itself whether a word can be written in kanji and transforms it automatically. In case two words are the same phonetically, it can be selected from a list that is displayed. Unfortunately the official website it is supposed to have the package, but it is not found at the moment, but can easily be found on other websites. Once you get the package follow the instructions of this page.

Yamasa online dictionary

This is a very useful dictionary for those who are learning kanji. In the section where it says “kanji only”, you put a character that you want to learn, and the dictionary shows an animated gif with the order and direction of the strokes. To go to the dictionary, click here.


This page is a very comprehensive dictionary of Japanese definitions. It not only includes vocabulary, it also includes expressions, and it can identify conjugated verbs. In the section of example search just put a word and it shows a list of example sentences with the correct usage. In the section of multi-radical kanji you can search for a kanji whose reading is not known. The radicals that make up it are selected and a list of several kanji with those radicals will appear. To access WWJDIC, ​​click here.

The JLPT study page

For those who are preparing to present the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), this page is very useful. There is a list of vocabulary in kanji and in hiragana, expressions and grammar exercises from previous exams, ranging from N5 to N2. The page is found here.

I hope the pages are useful! For more resources, here is another article.

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