One of the busiest centers in the city is located in the Toshima district in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Being the third busiest station in Tokyo, Ikebukuro is a place that offers a variety of activities for all audiences.
The “Sunshine 60” shopping center is located in Ikebukuro, and it is a large tower that at the time of construction was the tallest tower in Asia. The tower’s Ikebukuro Pokémon Center attracts thousands of fans of the franchise for its stuffed animals and items that can only be obtained here.

A large Pokedex along with a Pokeball and several statues of famous Pokémon adorn the whole place. A true dream for the Pokémon trainers of the world. Sunshine 60 also has a large aquarium and multiple fashion stores of international brands such as Japanese. Another attraction is the large “Bic Camera” apartment, a multi-story complex where you can find almost any technological gadget, from cameras and telephones to televisions, household machines or clocks. Floors and floors of objects of daily life at a relatively affordable price.

Due to its great success, this store also has a slightly smaller branch in Shinjuku.

Ikebukuro is home to the official store for the legendary anime “Evangelion.” The «Eva Store» has collection shirts, the entire series in its different formats, mugs, key rings, stuffed animals and even prestigious jewelery.


Upon becoming a cult anime, many jewelry companies have collaborated with the store to make expensive necklaces, watches and rings for the series’ fanatics.
Another interesting attraction of this city are the thematic cafes mainly directed towards the ladies, for example the “Butler Café” or Butler Café, a place that is the counterpart of the Maid Café in Akihabara. Here the clients are served by handsome butlers who call her “princess”, and they put a small tiara on her head and for about two hours they continually praise the client so that she feels pampered.

Ikebukuro, being a central city in Tokyo, has many restaurants with traditional Japanese food and typical Western or Chinese food, as well as hundreds of clothing stores for all tastes and sizes. There are also many places specialized in body waxing, both for women and men.

Tokyo’s “Chinatown” is in Ikebukuro and it is a good experience to see the differences of these two cultures that formerly supported each other.
Ikebukuro is one of the meeting places for young people, therefore you can see groups of friends walking around the district.

There are at least three different shops dedicated to the particular dish «Abura Soba»In Ikebukuro. This food is a combination of East and West and is very delicious.
Competing with Akihabara, Ikebukuro has recently become a city dedicated to anime and video game culture, having branches of the classic “Super Potato” store and the famous “Animate»Along with many other well-known fan shops.

Visiting it has become an unmissable option

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