I think it is easy to speak, but, as Japanese has three types of writing which are the Chinese character and two types of Japanese syllabary called Katakana and Hiragana respectively, it is difficult to write in Japanese even for us. I guess it’s difficult for foreigners. Generally, it is said that the difficulty of Japanese is in the accentuation, the use of the relating particles Wa and Ga of the terms of respect.

How are the terms of respect?

For example, to the pronoun- you- used instead of -tou- or to verb phrases such as -service or dignity + infinitivp-. That is, we use various kinds of terms of respect in relation to the social position of the interlocutor and the relationship between him and us, although many young people no longer know how to speak in terms of respect.

Is there a difference in language between men and women?

Yes, there is aluuguna deference. for example, boys use the word Boku to refer to themselves, while girls use Atashi. Furthermore, there is a difference between the two sexes in the use of the relating particles that come after the verb.

How many dialects does Japanese have?

There are two main dialects, one is that of Hondo, the main island of Japan, and the other that of Ryukyu. The first is further subdivided into four that are the dialect of Hachijo, that of the East, that of the West and that of Kyushu, and the second is subdivided into two that are that of Amami, Okinawa and Sakishima.

Which of these dialects is common Japanese?

The one from the east. This dialect has three subgroups and one of these is the Kanto dialect, the region where Tokyo is located. The common Japanese is the one spoken is Tokyo. It is considered as common Japanese the one spoken by the broadcasters of the NHK, Radio and Television Corporation of Japan.

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