This is a list of manga you can read when you feel bored and you want to feed your mind with new and entertaining reading. However, this time we set about investigating manga that were… different. Something that is outside even the perspective of what would be called strange reading, since these manga are so irreverent that it is impossible to know where to catalog them. Although interesting, We warn you that when you finish reading them you will ask yourself “What the hell did I just read?”

We will not say more, discover which are the 5 most popular strange and irreverent manga in Japan.

The female fridge

Author: Miki Tori

Gender: Seinen

This story is literally about a woman who is a refrigerator, yes, as you read.

This woman wakes up one day only to realize that she is not in her apartment and not only that, It has also become a refrigerator! As this woman tries to find out how she ended up in an unknown place and how she became a refrigerator, among the unknowns that surround her, she manages to recognize the face of the apparent owner of the apartment she is in, it is Kouji, the man with whom she is madly in love, however Kouji doesn’t recognize her as a woman, for him it’s just a refrigerator.

As if the plot wasn’t strange enough already, Things get even more intense when Kouji decides to use his new refrigerator as normal. put food inside it and put your arm inside to choose the food to take out, nothing abnormal, right? However, for the refrigerator woman these actions are taken in a quite sexual. Everything gets worse when the young man takes his girlfriend to his apartment and his refrigerator begins to have excessive jealousy, which will give a line to the story to something even more abnormal.

Chintsubu: Penis swapping.

Author: Nase Yamato

Gender: Yaoi

During a school trip, the bus has a road accident and ends up crashing into the sanctuary of the god of the penis, at that moment the young Toride realizes that he has suffered a unexpected exchange of your genitals with Ayase, his cuddly classmate with whom he is in love. Things get even stranger when they both discover that Their penises came to life! And now they can have conversations, move around and even as incredible as it may sound, even dress up (yes, they wear colorful costumes too).

Toride and Ayase will be forced to take care of each other’s penises, literally. This story will become even more irreverent when both find out there is a secret penis club in his school institute and they will find out who are the companions that mysteriously belong to him.

Animal X: Genshi Sairai

Author: Sugimoto Ami

Gender: Yaoi

Ayukawa Yuuki, he’s not quite manly, he is docile and easy to convince, he faints at the slightest presence of blood, his fiancée, for her part, is much stronger than him. It is impossible to refuse before proposals, since you want to avoid any conflict or hurt the feelings of others with it, so when your laboratory manager suggested that you volunteer for an experimental treatment, could not refuse.

However, the penalty comes to his life, when one afternoon a man enters the laboratory who is persecuted by the police for escaping his sentence dictated by multiple murders committed, when he meets Yuuki and his laboratory partner, he threatens to kill them, so his partner decides to attack the alleged murderer, however both discover that this turns into a carnivorous dinosaur that it would bite off Yuuki’s partner’s head. As if this wasn’t enough Dinosaur man is deeply attracted to young Yuuki, so he will seek at all costs to be your partner, that’s not all, the shy Yuuki unexpectedly ends up pregnant, (that’s right, the young man gets pregnant).

Yaoi, ukes, pregnancies, murderers, and rapist dinosaurs? There is nothing more to say, discover one of the sleeves strangers that Japan has to offer.

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Bakemono recchan

Author: Inio Asano

Gender: Slice of life

In this, one of Japan’s strange manga, it is told Rencchan’s life, a young woman who lives her school life with relative normality, since the difference lies in her physical characteristics that are… peculiar.

Due to his terrifying face, Rencchan is feared, ignored, and at other times harassed by her classmatesHowever, this changes from one moment to the next, making Rencchan the most popular in the class and the most loved by her peers. We do not say more, if you want to know why? of this sudden change do not hesitate to read this manga, because although As strange as it may seem, the social message it conveys is much deeper than you might imagine.

Gokicha: The cockroach that was looking for friends

Author: Tamachi Rui

Gender: Seinen

Can you imagine having a cockroach as a friend? Well Gokicha-chan is a little cockroach that you fervently wish to have friends, so he decides to get away from the bad reputation that precedes his species in Kanto, moving to Hokkaido, where he under his charms and bright personality he will make many human friends.

Although his story and of course his protagonist makes him one of Japan’s strange manga, without a doubt the tender personality of This little cockroach will make you wish you were even her friend or something …

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