In Tokyo, a train station has been completely covered with images from the famous soccer series “Captain Tsubasa”. An impressive and well deserved tribute to one of Japan’s most successful series.

The inauguration of the “Captain Tsubasa” train station

The new decoration of the Yotsugi station was presented at the beginning of March. The creator of the series Yoichi Takahashi and the Spanish soccer star were present at the ceremony Andres Iniesta, who is known to be a huge fan of “Captain Tsubasa”:

“They are my favorite drawings since I was a child and being here today and having the opportunity to be with their creator […] it is very special ”.

Former Barcelona player and current Japanese team player Vissel Kobe cut the ribbon and received a “Niupi” (“Nankatsu”) shirt, the team that led the protagonist of the series, dedicated and with original drawings by the author.

In addition, he revealed to the media that as a child he watched the television series before going to school. In the same way, he took the moment to talk about the presence and fame of “Captain Tsubasa” around the world:

“I remember the unique play styles of the characters and am happy to be playing in Japan, where the anime was made.”

“It has always been very successful in boys and girls, from a very young age it has been one of the favorite drawings of many children, not just mine.”

How does the train station look inside?

Huge murals of the characters adorn the ceiling and walls of the station. The best is Oliver Atom (Tsubasa Ozora) performing soccer maneuvers. It’s also exciting though that goalkeeper Benji Price (Genzo Wakabayashi) is blocking a goal on the stairs with a message asking passengers not to run to get on the train.

The biggest surprise is the ground, which has been converted into a soccer field. There is definitely enough space to have a friendly match. However, people are not allowed to play here, as it is a pedestrian area.

Apart from the images, the voice of the main character makes the station announcements. It is also heard that “Moete Hero”, the best known song of “Captain Tsubasa”, is the melody that announces the closing of train doors.

Why should you visit Yotsugui Station?

Visit Yotsugi Station located in Katsushika. This district of Tokyo is considered the most important center for the fans of “Captain Tsubasa”. This given that it is the place where the creator of the iconic soccer series was born and raised.

Here you will not only have fun looking at the murals and works of art of the station. In the Katsushika district you can also find: nine bronze statues representing various characters from the series, an Italian food restaurant with the theme of “Captain Tsubasa​” where mangaka usually eat and an official store with original items.

In short, an excellent opportunity to have fun like a child. Like the custom pokemon shirts for adults sold in Japan, Katsushika and Yotsugi Station will help you relive your best childhood days.

“Captain Tsubasa” is a series written and illustrated by Yoichi Takahashi. The manga was originally featured in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine between 1981 and 1988. Two years later its animated version was released, which concluded in 1986 with a total of 128 episodes. Since then, the series continues to be successful around the world with various continuations of the manga and anime series.

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