Before, we had cooked white rice, fermented soybean soup, pickled plums, or a purely Japanese breakfast. But now Japan has become much westernized, and most Japanese have toast, grilled or boiled eggs, coffee… for breakfast.

What about lunch?

You can’t tell him – this and this the Japanese eat at lunch. Rason? very simple. Vera. The mother usually eats what is left of the night before. The children eat at school and the father eats lunch either in the company canteen or in a nearby restaurant.

generally they serve a lunch of fixed munu, a bowl of white rice, meat, vegetable salad, fermented soy soup …… instead of meat there may be fish. In any case, know that it is a semi-European food.

Have I heard that in Japan the main meal of the day is dinner. What do they eat for dinner?

At dinner the influence of western food is very noticeable. Compared to Western food, Japanese is distinguished by less fat, but dinner is an exception. We eat a lot and have a lot of fat for dinner. Note that in Japan there are many hours now between dinner and bedtime.

Does Japanese food make you fat easily?

Absolutely. Now there are many Americans who try to lose weight by eating Japanese food. Unlike western food, the Japanese commode contains relatively little fat.

A low-fat signature dish?

For example, dishes cooked with soy. The most typical is Tofu or soybean curd. It is very likely that Spaniards, if they try it, believe that it does not taste anything. we, however, like it very much.

Other examples of dishes to lose weight?

for example, grilled fish, seaweed…. and vegetables. Grilled white fish is very low in fat. Tuna and mackerel, for example, are very fatty. What if the Spanish decided to eat the different kinds of seaweed? In Japan the so-called Wakame and kombu are very popular.

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