Where do you buy ONIGIRI?

We bought ONIGIRI at seven eleven, Roson or Family Mart for lunch. 3 ONIGIRI is very sufficient for lunch.

How to open this package?

Number 1,2 and 3 is very important …


More or less, complete.

Onigiro with Tuna, everyone likes this ONIGIRI.

Onigiri consists of a conveniently sized rice ball, triangular or round in shape.
The rice balls can contain stuffing such as grilled salmon, pickled plum, salted Alaskan pollock roe and be wrapped in nori (seaweed sheets) and / or sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Lately there are also non-traditional stuffed o-nigiris like tuna with mayonnaise, or rice sautéed with tomato sauce and wrapped in omelettes.
They are sold in convenience stores at prices of between 120 and 160 yen, in kiosks inside the stations and in specialized stores on the street. In these stores, not only o-nigiri are sold but also sushi in a sack made of fried tofu and gnori-maki (rolled) which are very popular.

ONIGIRO bento (340 yen)

2 ONIGIRI, Karage (Fried Chicken), Japanese pickled vegetables.

The price of Onigiri (1 piece)

120 yen ~ 160 yen.

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