From a forest campsite to a luxurious ryokan Inn fit for an Emperor, visitors to japan can choose all manner of accommodation types. Some will be almost identical to those you use back how, while others will be uniquely Japanese.

We recommend trying a variety of accommodation types on your next trip to Japan so this guide will give you an overview of all the types of accommodation in Japan and what you can expect from each.


Japan Accommodation Ryokan

Let’s start with the most quintessential of Japanese accommodation types. The Ryokn.  Staying at a Ryokan is more of an activity in and unto itself rather than a simple “roof over the head’.

Japanese Ryokans Often have an onsen on site. Some will have just a toilet in your room and access to the shared hot spring facilities.


Think of a minshuku as the ryokan’s relaxed cousin just down the street.


If luxury hotels are your style

Business Hotels

Not just for the black-suited salarymen to rest their weary heads after a hard day’s work and night at the izakaya, Japanese business hotels are a great choice for most travelers to Japan.

Guest Houses And Hostels

The last few years have seen a boom in new guesthouses and hostels opening up in Japan. Now almost every medium-sized city will have at least one hostel, oven with a stylish bar or lounge on the ground floor.

Camp Grounds

If you are renting a car in Japan and getting out into the great outdoors don’t forget to pack that tent because Japan has some wonderful campgrounds which are open during the warmer months.

Rider Houses







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