While traveling through a city in Japan, it is very important to bear in mind that sightseeing with large and / or heavy luggage can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient, therefore, it is advisable to use a “Coin Locker” or coin locker. , where it can be kept for a full day and even more.

The Coin locker cost and size.

At the stations there are various sizes of Coin Locker, but it must be taken into account that there are only few of large capacity. For example: Size of Coin Lockers at Tokyo Station:

– Height 55 cm × Width 34 cm × Depth 57 cm: 400 yen / day

– Height 84cm × Width 34cm × Depth 57cm: 500 yen / day

– Height 103cm × Width 34cm × Depth 57cm: 600 yen / day

Prices are generally between 200 yen / 600 yen / per day, depending on the size. The rent is paid with 100 yen coins only. Some lockers also work with IC cards or PIN codes. All lockers are locked. But, the voids have a key that should not be taken immediately. Right next to the key hole is the coin slot.

The amount needed to open the locker must be prepared. Normally you can only use 100 yen coins, so make sure you have the exact amount. There will probably be a machine to change money, from bills to coins, near the lockers in the larger stations or you can also go to the nearest convenience store or supermarket to get cambini. Once the coins have been inserted into the slot, the locker can be opened with the key, the luggage can be stored, locked and the key carried away.

When using IC cards (Pasmo, Suica, ect) to pay for Coin Locker, the «Deposit» button on the touch panel must be pressed. The display indicates which of the boxes are empty. The suitcases are deposited, the locker is closed and you pay with the card. To collect them, the «Retrieval» button is pressed, the card is shown to the reader and the locker will open automatically.

There are Coin Lockers at all main stations. Sometimes inside the front door to the train, sometimes outside. For example, in Akihabara, there is an entire floor of the station that is dedicated to lockers. At Kyoto station, they are on the second floor, in front of the Kyoto tourist office, outside the Hachijoguchi exit, near the taxi station and at the main Chuo exit.

The Coin Locker pricing is based on a midnight to midnight rate, not a 24-hour rate. Therefore, if luggage is placed at 10am one day, it must be collected before midnight that night or else a higher fee will be charged. Sometimes the limit is up to 2 am, so check on the locker signs. If belongings are left in the locker after this time, more money must be inserted before the luggage can be accessed. In the same way, almost all Coin Lockers that have a touch screen inform the customer of the steps to follow to use the locker.

Lockers are a much more comfortable and lightweight way to travel around Japan.

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