No, it is very different. The european only coffee is served in tiny cups and is very heavy. In Japan, it is generally lighter and is taken in greater quantity. Milk is served separately and everyone can add whatever they like.

Where do the Japanese drink coffee?

In coffee shops, generally. In luxury coffee shops you can choose the brand of coffee you want, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Blue-mountain, Mocha…. It is a bit more expensive. If you order an unspecified coffee, they will serve you an appropriate blend.

Do Japanese cafes have any special characteristics?

If they are places of social communication. they even close deals. Over a single cup of coffee, one can spend hours reading, listening to music or chatting with friends without fear of being told to leave. Maybe that’s why it’s expensive.

Japanese coffee has a reputation for being very expensive.

Yes, actually. In a coffee shop that I frequent, a cup of coffee costs 400 yen. I don’t think I will do much business at that price. The proof is that the owner has had to fire the waitress. Now his wife is a waitress and he is in charge of making the coffee. generally, a coffee in Japan costs about 450 yen.

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