Sashimi is the typical food of Japan. They are thin fillets of raw fish from different fish. The most popular fish are tuna, salmon, bonito, shells and squid … seafood.

We eat Sashimi soaked in soy sauce with Japanese radish called WASABI. a little spicy.

Do you eat raw fish frequently?

Yes, we like raw fish very much. The tuna, the bream, the sole, the sea urchin, the squid, the octopus, the seafood called tairagai and akagai, when they are fresh, we eat them raw and they are exquisite. Of course, with soy sauce and wasabi, grated radish.

Don’t you get diarrhea after eating those raw houses?

If you buy the fish from a reputable fishmonger or eat it in a good restaurant, there is no danger. but not fresh fish should not be eaten, of course. They eat raw oysters, right? Does it give you diarrhea ……?

Do you always eat raw fish?

Absolutely. Roasted sea bream with salt, for example, is served at parties. Fried Wakasagi is reminiscent of Spanish anchovies. Mackerel with fermented soybean paste, and cooked sea bass are also delicious dishes.

Shrimp and Ikura (salmon roe)


Dorada sashimi.

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