Japan is famous for its diversity of traditional crafts. Today, tradition and technology are combined to offer the user the possibility of enjoying Japanese crafts from their cell phone. Today we show you some recommendations of Japanese crafts that you can see on instagram.

Eight instagram accounts of Japanese crafts

1. Chinen Bingata (知 念 紅 型) @chinenbingata

Chinen bingata It is a fabric dyeing technique originating from Ryuukyuu, Okinawa. This bead of this craftsman is very popular. In the account you can see photos of kimonos and obis very colorfully dyed. The study of Chinen bingata preserves the tradition and dyeing techniques to the delight of thousands of fans.

2. Petit Bonheur @riyo_ta

Petit Bonheur’s account features photos of brooches made with great detail. An artist who creates kimono pins, thinking of “Shaping the little things that make you happy, shaping the gratitude of every day, and being close to the materials that make up the kimono every day.”says the description of his instagram account.

3. Awagami factory (阿波 紙) @awagami_factory

“8 generations of doing washi [papel japonés] in Tokushima, Japan – open to the public. Visit our store and buy online at www.awagami.com, ”says the account description. He washi or “Japanese paper” is a technique with about 1,300 years of history. His account, with more than 7 thousand followers, attracts attention because it presents the world of washi in a vibrant way.

4. Yamada Heiando @yamadaheiando

Yamada Heiando’s account features a gallery of lacquer ware. The studio was established in 1919, and is one of the oldest lacquer ware shops owned by the Imperial Household Agency, which is in charge of the administration of Japanese royalty.

5. Kazuto Ishikura @kazutoishikura

Kazuto Ishikura’s account shares images of Yachimun, a pottery technique native to Okinawa. Through his images he transmits the sensation of beauty of this ancient technique.

6. Horiguchi Kiriko @horiguchikiriko

The Horiguchi gallery displays a faceted glass technique from the Edo period. With the careful hands of the artist, works of art with highly detailed patterns and lines are created on everyday objects.

7. Narutaki Bizen @narutaki_bizen

Based in the city of Bizen, Okayama Prefecture, this artist displays the local ceramic technique. Narutaki cooks the works at temperatures ranging from 1,100 to 1,200 ° C. Through his photos he takes the user to an ancient time.

8. Shimogawa Kyozo @shimogawakyozo

This Instagram account uploads several videos that show the process of weaving the fabric.

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