Mount Fuji became a worldwide treasure in June 2013, in recognition of its remarkable universal value as an object of belief and inspiration for the arts. The mission of the Fuji World Heritage Center is to bring information to the world about the wonders of this sacred and magnificent mountain that touches the hearts of so many people. The center also functions as a base for the preservation of Mount Fuji for the future and for local promotion focused on tourism.

The center is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, very close to Mount Fuji and is surrounded by nature.

The center hopes that visitors can experience Mount Fuji as part of the world heritage as a place of beliefs and arts inspired by the rich nature and the activities of people that expand beyond time and space.

Mount Fuji is recognized as a piece of world heritage for its remarkably universal value as an object of belief and inspiration for the arts. His status comes from his glorious nature and his relationships with people. Visitors can experience the wonders of Mount Fuji through 25 assets that include panels and visuals in an easily understandable format.

Visitors can enjoy the exhibition area to learn more about the nature of Mount Fuji or the Mount Fuji Orientation Theater.

The observation area on the second floor is very popular as a location for photographing Mount Fuji. There is also a gift shop and cafe.

The FUGAKU It is a large-scale replica of Mount Fuji. With this large object, viewers can see Fujisan from all 360-degree directions. Using lighting, Fuji’s figure is presented here showing various expressions depending on a day’s time flow or changing seasons.

The center has a large wall that explains the history of Mount Fuji from the beginning and also the spiritual importance of Fuji to the Japanese. Here is the history of Fuji from about 10,000 years ago to the present.

When visiting Yamanashi, it is recommended to visit the center to learn more about the iconic Mount Fuji and all that it represents.

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